Climate control is one of our most sought after services. Creating the desired temperate is not only something which arises from a need to regularise sudden changes in weather but it is the perfect solution for maintaining desired temperatures in server rooms, healthcare facilities, outdoor events, weddings and functions and many more scenarios.
Our climate control rental services offer solutions both for cooling and heating and due to the fact that every location has different dimensions and therefore requirements, we are able to offer a variety of options with varying btu’s and units. Because our units are mobile, we can offer these services in virtually any location, meaning that selecting your location does not have to be restricted by temperature or access limitations.
Controlled chilled or heated air or air circulation are all available on short or long term rental/lease. Our climate solutions are available for indoor or outdoor facilities as well as for tents and marquees and our service is offered complete with transport lifting and on-location operators to control the units.


We are privileged to have offered solutions to film productions including By The Sea, featuring Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, visits including that of Prince William Duke of Cambridge, National events including general elections, functions in major hotels including The Westin Dragonara and emergencies including cooling Healthcare facilities when services were down.
Our team is happy to advise you on the right solution for your requirement, offering peace of mind that your climate is kept consistent and at a price which is affordable.



As we are all aware, sometimes loss of power or system failures can lead to unforeseen complications and lack of usual facilities. In some instances this can be detrimental, as in the case of a nursing home or laboratory whose central system cannot maintain temperatures due to a sudden heat wave. The comfort and needs of its residents becomes of the utmost importance. A server room which is not able to maintain its desired temperature can risk the loss of data which is essential to the company’s flow and future. These are a few instances where emergency climate control can maintain levels for you whilst you solve your immediate temperature problems without risk of damage.
We offer an emergency service whereby we offer a fast response time and are swift in being on location and offering you the right solution. Therefore in cases of emergencies please contact us on 79490585.